About Us

REBIEW helps you in making a better you. It helps in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your friends, relatives, co-workers, employees and your network in a private anonymous manner.

rebiew.com is an effort to build a better society and a better world. A world where everyone cares for the other and helps in the growth and betterment of everyone.

Rebiew gets its motivation from following  Prayer(izkFkZuk) in Brihadaaranyaka Upanishad (1000 - 400 BCE) from India.


OM sarve bhavantu sukhinah,sarve santu niraamayaah,sarve bhadraani pashyantu,
ma kashcid duhkhabhaagbhavet OM shaantih shaantih shaantih

May all be happy.May all be healthy.May all enjoy prosperity.May none suffer.OM Peace Peace Peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the person receiving my message get to know about me?

No. Not at all. Never. This is the main theme of this application. It is an anonymous feedback, and will remain so always.

Is there a REBIEW Mobile APP as well?

Yes. Mobile APP is available on Android as well as on iOS.

How do you make money? Will you sell our data to marketing companies?

The purpose of the REBIEW is to help you become Better You and help you contribute in making your friends and co-workers better and build a better society and a better World. It is for social cause. We will not be selling your data in any way to any third party. It remains, confidential and anonymous.

You have some specific question, not listed here; you may write to us on rebiew@rebiew.com or may submit on our page rebiew.com/rebiew.